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Issues and Services

Anger Management

  • Reduce frequency, intensity, and inappropriateness of angry feelings
  • Develop skills in handling anger in constructive ways, enhancing effectiveness


  • Identify the source of anxiety and reduce anxiety levels
  • Enhance ability to deal with the full range of life’s anxieties

Children’s Behavioural Problems

  • Define and describe problem/s, present and desired relationship with children
  • Develop techniques of consistency and a system of rewards and consequences

Communication Skills

  • Improve understanding of miscommunication and effective communication
  • Develop listening, questioning and communication skills


  • Create awareness of source and position of opposing viewpoints
  • Mediate to resolve conflict to the satisfaction of those involved


  • Alleviate depressed mood and other symptoms of depression
  • Develop healthy thinking patterns and effective functioning

Domestic Violence and Abuse

  • Recognise the damaging effects of abuse on perpetrator as well as on victim
  • Assist in developing skills to change behaviour and/or dependency patterns
  • Early Life Experiences
  • Identify and release emotions associated with early life experiences
    Focus on personal empowerment

Early Life Experiences

  • Identify and release emotions associated with early life experiences
  • Focus on personal empowerment

Life Coaching

  • Mentoring, guiding, encouraging, strategising – focus on possibility thinking
  • Partnering people who are seeking to maximise their life potential

Life Transition Problems

  • Resolve conflicted feelings about phase of life problems
  • Adjust to and embrace advantages of present circumstances

Loss and Grief

  • Identify and express feelings connected with a healthy grieving process
  • Adapt to changes resulting from the loss and begin the healing process

Men’s Issues

  • Reduce effects of depression caused by family break-up, employment or health concerns
  • Emphasise the importance of the father’s role in children’s lives and development

Parenting Problems

  • Establish and maintain a healthy, effective parent-child relationship
  • Achieve a level of competent parenting, using a positive approach

Relationship Issues

  • Increase awareness of your role and contribution to the relationship
  • Identify positive aspects of the relationship and foster appreciation of differences

Self Esteem

  • Confront and question sources of low self-esteem
  • Develop positive, realistic self-image and set attainable goals in all areas of life

Sexual Issues

  • Identify role of earlier life experiences on formation of sexual attitudes
  • Establish a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship


  • Increase confidence and competence to create balance in life
  • Formulate strategies involving relaxation and visualisation techniques

Substance Misuse

  • Recognise and acknowledge harmful effect of substance misuse
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to maintain ongoing abstinence


  • Reduce negative impact of traumatic event
  • Return to desired level of functioning

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