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Session Structure and Fees:

As a rule sessions last approximately one hour. However, since the initial session is an important information gathering time (where we listen to your story and concerns) it often extends beyond an hour.

Please remember that your issues developed over a period of time and are unlikely to be resolved in one session. A realistic schedule and time frame for working towards your desired outcomes can best be discussed with your Counsellor.

Whilst the initial consultation needs to be conducted at the consulting room, subsequent sessions may be negotiated, if warranted by special circumstances, to be held at clients’ homes.

Sessions are competitively priced:

Individual Counselling : $75
Couple Counselling: $95

At present no rebates for counselling services are available from Medicare
or Private Health funds. The Australian Counselling Association is currently addressing this issue with the relevant government bodies and lobbying for
this service to be included.

Life Coaching
Having a coach requires a very big commitment, much bigger than
people are usually prepared to make. Having a coach is challenging
and at the same time incredibly rewarding.

Your success requires a 3 or 6 months commitment, depending on whether the
sessions are conducted weekly or fortnightly (twelve sessions in all).

The fee ranges from $120 - $180 per one-hour session with payment to be made in advance by automatic transfer or on the day in cash or by cheque.


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