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Why See Us?

In order to be registered with any professional counselling/ psychotherapy body, members are required to and ….

  • must have appropriate and formally recognised qualifications
  • must meet professional membership standards
  • must abide by the professional bodies’ Codes of Conduct *
  • must receive regular professional supervision
  • must be covered by professional indemnity insurance

Hedy is a Clinical Member of both the Australian Counselling Association
(ACA) and the Queensland Association for Family Therapy (QAFT – Email:quaft@bigpond.com.au)*, and is a Full Member of the Federation of Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Queensland (FPCQ).

Please note

Counselling is all about the therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and one or more client/s. The counsellor uses ‘deep’ listening, i.e. listening to what is said as well as to what is left unsaid; respectfully curious, the counsellor asks appropriate and relevant questions, sometimes challenges the client/s, and then collaborates with the client/s to find the best possible ways in which to deal with life’s issues under the given circumstances. Counselling requires the client/s to be willing to explore options and also to be willing to take the steps necessary to effect positive change. Counsellors acknowledge that clients are the experts in their own life, they do not give advice, nor do they pass judgement, they simply align with the client in order to work together toward a better future.
And remember, the future is not some time in the distance, it begins immediately after this very moment; it arrives with the very next breath you take.


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